Dental Bridge for Tooth Replacement

Losing a tooth (or multiple teeth) may seem like a world-shattering problem, especially when the missing teeth are in the “smile zone.” When you visit All Smiles Dental Studio in Encinitas, California, Dr. Ali Shahrokh can share the many amazing options he offers patients for tooth replacement. One such option is a dental bridge, crafted to look and feel natural so that your smile will appear healthy and beautiful. Dental bridge procedures offered at All Smiles Dental Studio are metal-free and can even be supported by implants!

Missing teeth can lead to adverse oral health changes like teeth shifting, TMJ disorder, speech issues, biting and chewing problems, and increased risk for tooth decay and gum disease. This is why it is crucial to seek replacement options as soon as possible.

A dental bridge consists of two anchoring crowns which attach to the teeth on either side of the gap (called abutments) and a false tooth or teeth (pontics) in between, which effectively bridges the gap between teeth. Pontics can be crafted from several materials, so it is essential to discuss this with our team to determine what could be used for your bridge.

What Can a Dental Bridge Do?

A dental bridge can:

  • Restore your smile
  • Restore proper chewing and speaking ability
  • Maintain proper facial shape
  • Create an even distribution of biting force which is not in balance with missing teeth
  • Prevent future dental issues, such as remaining teeth drifting into the gap left by missing teeth

Getting Your Dental Bridge

Once you have chosen a dental bridge for tooth replacement, it will require multiple appointments to complete the process. The anchoring teeth will need to be prepared by removing a portion of tooth enamel, allowing the abutment crowns to be placed over the teeth. An impression (or mold) will then be taken to fabricate the bridge. A temporary bridge can be put into place and worn for a few weeks while we wait for your permanent bridge to be fabricated and come back from the lab. Once you come in for your follow-up appointment, we will remove the temporary bridge and attach your permanent bridge. It will be cemented in place with the abutments. From there, you just need to brush, floss, and care for your bridge like your natural teeth.

If you want to learn more about dental bridges or other tooth replacement options, schedule an appointment with us by calling (760) 232-8878.

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Dr. Ali Shahrokh

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