Protecting the health of your gums and preserving your teeth with nonsurgical gum disease treatments

A healthy, attractive smile results from a healthy relationship between a patient and a skilled, trusted dental team. At All Smiles Dental Studio, we are that team in Encinitas, California. Led by Dr. Shahrokh, we are proud to serve the unique, lifelong oral health needs of individuals and their families from throughout the Solana, Carlsbad, and Rancho Santa Fe areas. With routine visits and proactive care, we can prevent the need for restorative services – such as scaling and root planing (SRP).

Why We Recommend Scaling and Root Planing 

For patients with healthy teeth and gums, a standard professional cleaning (prophylaxis) is sufficient to maintain oral health. But, for patients with existing gum disease, Dr. Shahrokh may recommend alternative treatments. Gum disease (or periodontal disease) is a progressive condition. Gingivitis is the first stage of gum disease. At this point, the disease process is limited to the gum area. Gingivitis is also completely reversible. To help reverse the disease process among those patients with moderate to severe gingivitis or inflammation, we may recommend services to remove bacterial plaque, plaque build-up (tartar or calculus), and stains from above and below the line. 

If we do not treat gingivitis promptly, it can turn into periodontitis. This more advanced form of gum disease is characterized by some attachment loss between  teeth and the bone and gums around it. This slow-moving (but irreversible) process demands action to prevent it from progressing further and causing tooth loss. Dr. Shahrokh may recommend a “deep cleaning” or SRP if the pockets between the teeth and gums are deeper than 3 millimeters (5 millimeters indicates periodontal attachment loss). As periodontal pockets deepen, more bacteria settle down on the root surface. Considerable damage may ensue. 

What to Expect From a Deep Cleaning 

Scaling, and root planing (deep cleaning), involves removing as much of the bacteria that has settled in deep periodontal pockets. We want to accomplish this to restore the periodontal tissue back to a healthy state. Typically, a local anesthetic is administered for utmost comfort. As a state-of-the-art practice, we also use ultrasonic scalers in addition to hand scalers to remove harmful bacteria and plaque precisely, gently, and efficiently. By “scaling” the plaque build-up and then root “planing” the tooth, we create a smooth surface for the gingival tissue to re-attach. Rough surfaces tend to attract bacteria. Smooth surfaces promote healing and re-attachment of the gums to the tooth surface. 

Dr. Shahrokh will also want to monitor how well your mouth is healing. Generally, he recommends a deep cleaning with laser treatment and follow-up appointments every three to four months. Visiting us more often than once every six months would prevent any negative effects of periodontal disease like swelling or bleeding to reoccur. By that time, the condition responsible for your symptoms may have already caused irreparable damage. Call (760) 232-8878 to schedule your appointment today at All Smiles Dental Studio in Encinitas, CA.

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Dr. Ali Shahrokh

Dr. Ali Shahrokh, a distinguished graduate in Chemistry from Rutgers University and a Doctor of Dental Medicine (D.M.D.) from Boston University Henry M. Goldman School of Dental Medicine, brings over a decade of expertise to his dental practice in San Diego. Committed to improving oral health and well-being of his patients, he utilizes advanced procedures and equipment in a serene dental studio. Dr. Shahrokh's dedication to excellence and extensive experience makes him a trusted authority in the field, providing cutting-edge dental care to his patients.