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Dr. Ali Shahrokh

The welcoming and friendly practice in Encinitas, California, led by Dr. Shahrokh, enjoys making all patients happy with compassionate and cutting-edge dentistry.

With Same Day Emergency Appointments during office hours and After Hour Emergency Appointments, we provide Prompt Care for Your Emergency Dental Needs.

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Don't worry. We offer an in-house dental plan to assist you in receiving the care you need. We aim to make dentistry affordable for everyone so you can be All Smiles.

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Scheduling an appointment at a new dental office can be nerve-racking, so we're happy to make your first exam and set of X-rays complementary to put a smile on your face!

Free exams and  X-rays for new patients with no insurance!

The implant functions similarly to a tooth's root. It mimics how teeth are "designed" in nature. It is inserted into the jaw to secure a crown or a bridge.

Dental implants can give you a lifetime of beautiful and healthy smiles!

From our affordable payment options through financing to our investments in ergonomic dental chairs, we strive to ensure the most comfortable and pleasant experience.

Whatever your requirements are, we guarantee that you will remain "all smiles"!

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